Gulomi Ramel

Mon Calamari Noblesquid Spice Addict


Definitely just took a last name from a Mon Calamari name generator.


Son of wealthy manufacturers of spaceship parts on Dac, and vice president for business development (nepotism is universal, apparently), I found my job somewhat meaningless in the big picture of things. I saw a culture that was crippled by a desire to follow laws made for the masses, but which ignored individuals’ unique situations and needs. In the last year I have begun to use my ample opportunity for travel, and an extensive network of contacts on other worlds, to acquire goods and services which could help, not hurt. It started with spice to numb the pain and confusion of an elderly relative’s nerveshock, and progressed from there. Though I’ve done my best to act for good, the nature of the shady beings I work with complicates matters – that and my trusting nature which is perhaps too inclined to believe any sob story I hear.

Hook with Cal/Dex, I’ve taken a delivery from him in a past transaction. I’m loyal and will expend my resources for beings I see benefiting their lives from my assistance, but am better in a support role than in a gunfight. I also whip up a mean Pan Galactic Gargle Blaster.

Gulomi Ramel

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