Wright-Pat Star Wars D20

Session 2 - Meetin' the Green Star Bandits

Toowong Gets It Right!

With battle done and bodies looted, the air in the warehouse hung about quietly, like a shy spider. A sensuous yet serious voice broke the silence.

“I have to admit, I’m fairly impressed. Good work.” Lana turns around. “I’ll take care of the cleanup. You three take the codes back” she says, pointing at Toowong, Gulomi and Cal. “Dia and Dex will stay with me.”

Gulomi pokes at the datapad. After a few finger swipes and beeps, he’s able to access the weapon cache location, codes, and 200 credits. He turns the screen towards Cal and Toowong. “Cool, check this out!”

His enthusiasm dampens immediately as Llana begins yelling. “Hey! What the hell are you still doing here? Get out! Go!” Gulomi, Toowong, and Cal hasten for the door. Behind them they hear Llana directing Dex to move bodies.

As the trio exits the warehouse, Toowong hears a whisper. " Psst. Hey, c’mere." She heads towards the sound and discovers a Rodian crouching behind a bush. He stands up, looking around. “I saw what you did back there, and I think you’re going about this the wrong way. I have an idea that can benefit all of us.”

Toowong eyes him thoughtfully. “What do you propose?”

“We have an excellent opportunity to strike a blow at Jarga.”

Cal interrupts. “Wait, who do you work for?”

The Rodian shifts. “I’d rather not get into that.”

“What’s in it for us?” inguires Gulomi.

“A share of the loot? This isn’t a difficult proposal.”

Toowong frowns. “So what, we work for you instead? That’s no good. Besides, you and I, we’re already associates.”

The Rodian narrows his eyes and turns toward Toowong. “What? You’re no Bandit. Show me your mark.”

Slowly pulling back her vest, Toowong reveals and places a hand on her blaster. “Here’s my mark.”

“We’re all friends here. No need for that.” says the Rodian, his fingers twitching.

Cal breaks the tension. “In my experience, it’s not a good idea to cross Hutts. I think we’ll turn you down. Maybe if you had…”

Before he can finish his thought, the Rodian bolts away. The trio decides to report back to Jarga and heads back to Fiesta. Upon reaching the Hutt’s lobby, the group is eyed warily by a cloaked male Twi’lek and a Quarren. The Quarren scowls at Gulomi with a look that could evaporate water.

Too deftly sidesteps out of the point position, leaving Cal in front to face the pair. He clears his throat and asks to see Jarga.

“He’s in his chambers.”

“Oh, well, Llana sent us.”

At the mention of Llana, the Twi’lek briefly lets slip a look of alarm which subsides into annoyance. Entry is granted.

The Hutt laughs as the group enters. “Heh heh heh. You work quickly. Did you get the access codes?”

Gulomi answers. “Yes, we did. They’re on this datapad.”

“Well, they’re useless now. Llana tells me you let Chido got away. Heh heh heh. But, because I am gracious, I shall give you opportunity to amend for your mistake. Now, you shall eradicate the Green Star Bandits.”

Gulomi mutters under his breath to Toowong. “Yeah, but Chido only got away because you went missing and then kept missing. I thought you were a professional.”

Cal steps forward. "Er, and we thought you should know… we were approached

Jarga laughs once more. “Such honest thugs we have. Heh heh heh.”

“I know better than to cross a Hutt,” Cal proffers.

Gulomi pips up. “We’ll take out the GSB.”

“Oi, and we could use more firepower if that’s what ya want from us,” adds Toowong.

Jarga tells the Twi’lek to grab the infiltration kit. He does so, throwing it on the ground in front of the group. Toowong unzips it and peers in. Four grenades roll around a medpac and some electronic box she doesn’t recognize. Gul suggests divying it up and begins to argue with Toowong over what to take.

“Cut it out, we can do that later” Cal says frantically under his breath. He bows. “Thank you. We’ll be back soon with good news for you.” The group exits the basement and heads back into the bar where a round of drinks is purchased.

Gulomi round eyes focus on a back wall as they sit down. “Suppose,” he begins cautiously, “we take up the Rodian on his offer.”

Cal grits his teeth. “Were we to even entertain that possibility – and we aren’t – we certainly wouldn’t do it aloud, and in his bar. Don’t be a fool.”


This shit takes forever. Working on it.



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